This is where you will find some commonly asked questions about Boise and Meridian.

What's the population?

Meridian's population as of 2017 was 99,926 and Boise's was 226,570. The transportation department reported 30,000 licenses were issued in 2018 so we're all awaiting the 2018 population numbers - but we can safely say we're growing pretty fast.

What outdoor activities does Boise offer?

Hundreds! Hiking, biking, camping, rafting, skating, golfing, snow skiing, water skiing, canoeing, and wine tasting to name a few. And yes, wine tasting can be an outdoor activity.

Why is everyone moving to Meridian and to Boise?

Because they are smart. Really. And because someone in the media writes about Idaho and how great it is at least once a day. Have you seen how many lists we've made in the past few years?